September 24, 2020

“Love on the Road” — The Poetry of Irving Glassman

“Love on the Road” — The Poetry of Irving Glassman
             Love On The Road 
We hug and kiss in the fast food parking area  
From their SUV my family waves farewell to me 
We are on the same road until they slow to approach their exit 
For an instant we are side by side 
Everyone turns in their seats and throws me an extra kiss 
They look like any other family 
Except they’re my family 
                 #   #   # 
                Crossing Over 
      My daughter runs, hops, and skips 
      To the curb’s edge 
      For her ritual rite of passage 
      I assure her it’s safe to cross 
      She runs, hops and skips 
      To the opposite curb 
      “I’m a grown up now,” she yells 
       I yelled back, “Don’t grow up yet. You have time.” 
       Like a child 
       I run, hop and skip 
       To my daughter’s side 
       Before it’s too late 
                #   #   # 
              LETTING GO                                                            
The birch, the elm, the aging spruce 
Cannot restrain the restless roots 
Of saplings drawn to the silent sound 
Of brothers heading skyward bound 
Youthful trees spreading their wings 
Dropping away childish things 
Until what was is no more 
Like climbing marks on a young lad's door 
              #   #   # 
I start to age ten minutes out of bed 
More fragile than in the olden days but not yet dead 
My son-in-law hovers behind me when I walk 
In case I stumble as we talk 
My daughter gave me a three pronged cane 
She concealed it in the quiche Lorraine 
A stranger volunteers a seat to me  
 L4 and L5 express relief 
 A happy respite from their commander in chief 
 Others hold a door open with a ‘there you go.’ 
 Refer to me as Papa 
 Make me aware that “The door button is on the left.”  
 I go home bereft. 
         #   #   # 
From the hollows of my mind 
I saw your smiling face materialize 
On my screen of nocturnal illusions 
Untethered by the narcotic of night 
Your everlasting soul 
Appeared in my realm of reveries 
I know now that it is true 
There is more than life to look forward to 
              #   #   # 


Irving Glassman is a former high school teacher who has been writing poetry, fiction and non-fiction pieces as well as two ten-minute plays.  He has been published in the Chronogram magazine, Karpeles, and online in Bright Sleep, Voices From Here, Foliate, and most importantly The Fictional Cafe 6/18/19. This is his second feature on The Fictional Café.

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