Guidelines for Submissions

Your baristas are interested in all genres of short fiction, poetry, excerpts from novels, photographs, art, and audio or video podcasts. We encourage you to share your work for publication in the Fictional Café. Your work will be reviewed by our baristas, thumbs up or thumbs down, to select the best pieces to publish. Your submissions must be original material. We promptly acknowledge all submissions, but we usually don’t offer editorial advice. If we do, you can revise and resubmit one time. Work we accept will be published here in the Café ‘zine, and becomes eligible  for publication in our annual print and ebook anthology. And one last thing: If we’ve already published a work of yours, we ask you to wait one year before submitting new work in order to give everyone a chance to be published.

Two important things to note:

One: You must become a member of our Coffee Club in order to submit your work, and

Two: The Fictional Café is a non-profit labor of love, so we are unable to provide compensation for submissions.

We’re sticklers about your following these Guidelines for Submission simply because it makes the process more manageable and efficient. Please follow them to a T.

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