July 1, 2017

Endless Summer – July Submissions

Endless Summer – July Submissions

It’s a busy time at the Fictional Café, but what else is new? Even though summer is only a few weeks old for us, here in the northern hemisphere, it already seems like it’s been an endless summer. No not that kind. We’re pumping out so much Fresh Java, we can hardly keep up! We hope you can, though. In addition to our European Penpals series, we’re sharing the great work of some folks in the industry at Dead Darlings and Authors Publish (stay tuned for this one).  We are even celebrating the genesis of our first ever Fictional Café Print Edition! We’re so excited to get our members’ work in people’s actual hands this winter.

Of course, in addition to all this Café fare, we have the monthly work of our amazing creative members. July is a treasure trove of great work. We hope it will help you enjoy this endless summer with us! And if you happen to be hunkering down for winter, we’ll light a sparkler for you.


Channie Greenberg returns to the Café with a new story about a young man who learns “The Price of Cheap” is higher than he imagined.

Our second fiction offering is by Karen Trappett. She explains the nature and purpose of “The Mahogany Box” in a new short story.

Our third short story is “Lost Howling,” a surreal work from Christin Rice.

It’s worth mentioning that Channie lives and writes in Jerusalem, Israel, Karen hails from Queensland, Australia, and Christin is a San Franciscan. We have quite a global writing community here at the Café!


We’re happy to welcome John Grey back to the Cafe with a new batch of poems for your enjoyment.

Art & Photography

Michael Calcagno is a Brooklyn-based professional photographer who visited Morocco earlier this year, and shares some of his visual impressions of this exotic country.

But wait, we’ve got more art! Canadian artist Charlotte Penabel shares her highly original and sharp-witted Etsy collages with us.


Listen up! Jack is bringing new, innovative and original podcasts each Friday this month from ZBS, a long-time favorite audio storyteller.

On the Blog

We interview Caitlin Jans, editor of Authors Publish, and learn quite a few interesting things about this popular and useful free website devoted to helping authors get their work published.

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