June 27, 2017

Our Pen Pals: a Personal P.S.

Our Pen Pals: a Personal P.S.

We baristas have had many fun, innovative publishing experiences here at FC over the past four years. We thank each of you for becoming a member, and are grateful to everyone who has contributed their creativity. We can’t keep the FC going without you!

I want to express my personal gratitude to Rachael and Simran for their pen pal exchange, published here in May and June. These two talented writers had never met one another, yet they both responded to our request to embark upon that old-fashioned notion of writing a pen pal – updated, of course, for the internet era. I loved reading their exchanges. They wrote from the heart, sharing many personal feelings amid their experiences – something we as a culture don’t do enough of anymore.

Here is the last photo we took of our pen pals at their dinner meeting last week. It was so interesting to see them talk to one another for the first time, conversing as if they had met before – which, of course, they had, just not in person. An added blessing is the coincidence of both women being from the Boston area so they could meet and share a meal. I have a feeling they’ll be seeing each other again soon, and often.

Thank you, Simran. Thank you, Rachael. Thank you for sharing your thoughts, your feelings, your experiences and your beautiful writing. And for becoming a shining star at the Fictional Café.

With my best wishes,


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