July 24, 2018

Zipporah Kuteesa’s Poetry Debut!

Zipporah Kuteesa’s Poetry Debut!

Editor’s Note: Zipporah Kuteesa, The Fictional Cafe’s 500th member, submitted her poetry to us. We are pleased to present her words, published for the first time!


I was reminded of the joy

That came with passing by.

The toddler I was…

Fascinated by the beat,

That drew us out into the heat,

The thundering of the drums,

My grandmother holding me back

And I running back.

My young intrigued eyes blinking

So fast I didn’t want to miss a beat.

I was reminded of the oneness

That we shared in bliss,

My mother and I,

We never questioned why

Grandma at her age was antsy

And upbeat about the pulsating drums.

Because we too could feel it

It spoke full of meaning

The ancient morals that kept us

Sane, one, soberly together.

I was reminded of the rhythm

That united us for a lifetime,

Kept our culture together,

Like it were worth a fortune

Something to be savored.

Lines maintained, all drums

Playing in tune to the heartbeat

Of our mother culture.

The passion of the boys

I felt, with every swish and swash

Of the arms holding the sticks.

I was reminded of my heritage!

Keep Around

The older I got, the harder life got

The thinner my hair grew

And lesser I saw

The world around me

Blurred closer to a non-existent

Fairytale, my past beckons me

As though it weren’t real.

Because the little of it that is left

Is as though it was never there.

Had I loved you more would it change the fate that I now face? You have abandoned me yet I held you close at your time of ignorance and unawareness, I was all you got then. Now that you’re all I have, you prefer to stay away from me. The common scent that grows on people of my kind, is it what keeps you away? Do I smell so old to you? Okay, for you to come I will wash myself a hundred times just so you don’t leave me. For you I will even fumigate.

Maybe you’ll love me more

Stay with me, even host me often

If I act dumb, useless and indecisive

Just so you can find it easy to take…

My labor’s fruit, things I sweated for.

I will watch you waste it all away

Just so you keep me around you.

I will behave, I promise you!

I will tame the beast of forgetfulness

That creeps on me ever so often.

If my tired limbs behave,

I will even work tirelessly for you.

Just so you don’t let me away in loneliness.

Praying hard that at your time of being like me at this age uncalled for, you don’t forget that I was forgotten. I was left alone by my very own. I was left to die old and crippled in a place so distant only excuses could make it to my abode. The excuses you constantly made when I called for you for nothing else but just the sight of you. When that time comes my dear, remember that none of the promises you made to me were fulfilled. You left me to memories of the care, love, discipline, heartache, reciprocated with ingratitude, bad attitude and neglect.

I’m left to caretakers who know

Nothing but basis about my well-being

They promise, fulfill sometimes but

All doesn’t equate to the loss I feel

You’re away from me, stuck in fumes

That will make worse than I am now

When your time to be like me comes.

25k cannot cover the hole,

The hole widening in my gut.

Each time you send me money

And I don’t get to see you,

I’m left wanting and longing.

Thanks a lot my grandchildren look great!

But I want to see my children too!

Is it too bad to ask?

Or too hard a task?

I want my family together just like you fight so hard to keep yours. I will leave soon anyway so it won’t be too long; till you stop coming to me. It’s only fair that I get your love, care and support, you’re all I have. They won’t get it like you do, they aren’t family. I love you, do you? You know… love me?


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