July 14, 2018

The Fictional Cafe’s 500th Member!

The Fictional Cafe’s 500th Member!

Last month – actually, the day before our fifth birthday bash on Facebook – the Fictional Café membership rolls hit a magic number: 500. Therefore, we would like to introduce you to Zipporah Kuteesa, our Number Five Hundred member of the Fictional Café Coffee Club! Zipporah was kind and gracious enough to grant us an interview. Read on!

FC: Please tell us as little about yourself, Ms. Kuteesa.

Z: I live in Entebbe, Uganda. I am 20 years old. I am a student pursuing a B.A. in Mass Communications at Uganda Christian University-Mukono. I work with a humanitarian NGO called Mercy Hands Uganda.

FC: Are you a writer, an artist, or media auteur? What do you create?

Z: I am a writer, but I also do other forms of art like painting, songwriting, music, and others.

FC: Who are your favorite creators?

Z: My favorite authors are Patricia Matthews, E.L. Jones, J.K. Rowling, Charles Dickens, William Shakespeare, Jane Austen, and many others.

FC: That’s quite a broad range of writers! Has your own work appeared publicly?

Z: None of my works have been published, but I hope they will be soon!

FC: Well. we hope you will consider submitting to Fictional Café. What do you most enjoy or appreciate about Fictional Café?

Z: I love FC because of its interactive platform, the Comments feedback, and how you stay in touch with readers.

FC: Where do you see your creative work taking you by the time the Fictional Cafe is ten years old?

Z: In another five years of FC membership, I hope to have myself more established in my writing craft, particularly in poetry.

FC: We hope so too! Thank you, Zipporah, and congratulations once again for becoming our Five Hundredth member! A package of Fictional Café goodies is on its way to you. We hope to see your poetry in our Submissions mailbox soon.

Sarah and Jack







  • Wow! This is real! Thank you so much FC I am honoured and glad to be a member of this wonderful vision. I am encouraged to write more.

  • JW James says:

    Welcome! 500th!! Congratulations to the Cafe! Zipporah, your name means “singing” in Hebrew, “bird”. I wish you all the best in pursuing your poetry.

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