June 22, 2019

“Wuthering’s” – The Saturday Night Podcast

“Wuthering’s” – The Saturday Night Podcast

Hi, Podcast Fans! Last week our podcasters were from Australia. This week, they’re from England! Having creative people who present their work from around the globe is awesome for us, and awesome for you, too! This is a double treat for Fictional Café because tonight’s podcast, “Wuthering’s” is set in a fictional café as well! In the auteur’s own words:

“A new scripted comedy podcast set in Wuthering’s, a fictional cake shop in St Paul’s, London. Mr Wuthering, Jack Hatton and Emily Richpin contend with contemporary life – and a 17th century ghost.”

Herewith Season One, in six episodes. They’re each under half an hour, so imbibe as you wish, all at once or at your leisure. Wuthering’s is Classic British humour, so enjoy, you blokes!

Wuthering’s Episode 1: Series One Trailer
Wuthering’s Episode 2: Wuthering Times
Wuthering’s Episode 3: A Heart of Darkness
Wuthering’s Episode 4: The Way We Lived Then
Wuthering’s Episode 5: Portrait of a Gentleman
Wuthering’s Episode 6: Emily’s Travels

Production Notes: Mr Wuthering is played by Kit Smith, Jack Hatton by Luke de Belder, and Emily Richpin by Hannah Siden. Scriptwriting, music and sound editing is by Susan Gordon Byron. Audio production by Francis Hardy Productions.

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