July 15, 2017

Writing Contest Deadline Extended!!!

Writing Contest Deadline Extended!!!

Hi all!

Just a quick note about our fabulous writing contest.

We’ve had a lot of emails in the past few days, all of which run along the same basic theme:

Dear (somebody)

I really want to submit a story, but it’s not perfect yet. Can I please have a few extra days to finish it up?

Thanks (somebody)

We’re not monsters. We get that sometimes art takes a little longer than expected.

Because of this, we’re rolling the whole contest forward a month or so.


As of right now, the deadline to submit stories to our contest is Friday, August 18th.

After that, we’re going to be monsters. At 0001 on the 19th, submissions are closed forever.

You have an extra month. Show us what you can do with it.



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