June 16, 2017

The FC Writing Contest: Live Today!

The FC Writing Contest: Live Today!

As we announced earlier this week, our writing contest opens today!

You can click here for the long version of the rules, but here’s the short version.

  • Use the link above to submit your story
  • Unless it’s poetry, art, or flash fiction your tale should be from 2k to 8k words
  • It costs $10 to submit
  • Submissions close on Friday, July 14
  • Starting Monday, July 17 we run head-to-head elections to see who wins each genre category
  • Winners of 1st through 3rd place go in a print anthology. They win glory, honor, and two free copies!

Any questions? Write me here!

Get to writing!


Editor’s note: The Fictional Cafe Writing Contest is the brain child of Jason Brick, FC’s Anthology Barista. An accomplished author of fiction and nonfiction, Jason is also a heck of an editor. Two years ago, he co-edited Baby Shoes, a collection of 100 works of flash fiction – written by 100 individual authors. Jason is the Conference Chair of this year’s Willamette Writers Conference as well, which is August 4-5-6 in Portland, Oregon.

We’re awfully proud of him, and delighted he’s going to be the managing editor of Fictional Café’s first anthology – which you will also get a chance to help name!

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  • Belle Brett says:

    Is it permissible to submit more than one entry, if they are in different categories (e.g., art, and literary fiction), understanding that each submission costs $10?

    • Mike Mavilia says:

      Yes! You may send multiple submissions. Thanks for asking and we hope you’ll submit some of your work!

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