June 18, 2017

Belle Brett – Multiple Media Art Installment

Belle Brett – Multiple Media Art Installment

Editor’s Note: Please welcome Belle Brett to the Café as she shares her photography, watercolor paintings and collages. Here is a little more information on her art, in her own words.

“As the daughter of an artist/art teacher I have been making art my whole life, but only in the last few years, as I have cut back on my paid work, has art-making become a central occupation.

After exploring many artistic media through classes, I have settled primarily on three: watercolor painting, collage, and photography. Each taps into a different creative need but in all of them, I am interested in pattern, color, shape, and the play of light, focusing on a strong composition rather than literal representation.

I often choose a theme (e.g., rooftops, urban life, shoreline) and try to convey that theme in all my media. My inspiration comes not only from what I see but what I experience. Through the lens of a camera, the strokes of a paintbrush, or the manipulation of paper shapes I perceive and understand my world in new, and sometimes surprising, ways. Since 2014, I have been exhibiting and selling my art in various venues in Greater Boston.

For my exhibit for The Fictional Café, I have selected images in two broad themes: urban life and the natural environment, and within these are smaller themes: rooftops, Tokyo nightlife, light and shadow, urban joy, flowers, quiet waters, and dramatic skies. I have arranged the images to provide a natural flow from one to another. More examples of my work can be seen on my art site.”

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Click on any image to enlarge.

A Sea of Orange (photograph)


Rooftop Quilt (watercolor)


Bright Lights (watercolor)


Red Moon Over Tokyo (collage)


The Seeking Light (collage)


Afternoon in the Garden of Good and Evil (photograph)


The City that Never Sleeps (collage)


Joyful Ride (photograph)


View from the Window (collage)


Brighten Your Day (watercolor)


Quiet Waters (watercolor)


Misty River (photograph)


Sunset Sail (photograph)


Boardwalk Flight (watercolor)

* * *

About Belle Brett:

When not making art (or attempting to downsize), I enjoy writing novel length fiction (visit my website for a description of my as yet to be published books), dancing to live music in the local bars, going to museums and theater, and traveling, all of which provides me with endless subject matter. I live with my photographer husband (who was my teacher in an early photography class) in Somerville, Massachusetts.


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