October 30, 2018

Tonight: ZBS Presents All Hallow’s Eve!

Tonight: ZBS Presents All Hallow’s Eve!

All right, then, you radio zombies! Halloween has arrived and with it the last six episodes of ZBS Media’s “90-Second Cellphone Chillin’ Theater.”

If you enjoyed Nights One and Two, Monday and Tuesday, you’re sure to enjoy night three.

But if you haven’t heard Night One or Night Two and are just arriving here tonight, you can still click back and listen to a dozen more episodes from last night and the night before! Isn’t technology wonderful?

“Ghouls Galore”


“Betty Big Boobs Meets Vinnie The Vampire”


“(Diva #1) Divas Of The Dark”


“Sad Regrets Of Cowgirl Clem”


“Shameful Wanda & Her Wicked Wereass”


“The Secret Smile of the Moaning Lisa”


“The Box”

We at the Fictional Café, along with the gang at ZBS Media, hope you’ve enjoyed our Halloween celebration. Many thanks to ZBS for sharing their audio creativity with all us. If you like what you’ve heard and would like to hear more, please hit the Like button or leave a comment. And . . .


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