October 29, 2018

Another Night of Halloween PodioFun

Another Night of Halloween PodioFun

Following last night’s premier podcast, here are eight more Halloween treats from ZBS Media’s “90-Second Cellphone Chillin’ Theater.”  You podcast lovers might recall “Saratoga Noir,” which we re-podcasted here a few months ago. Tomorrow night, Halloween, we’ll present the final eight episodes, for a total of 24. Do we deliver great content or what?

“Zombie Al’s Big Night Out”


“Dixie Doodle, Girl Geek, in ‘Totally Flat Busted'”


“When the Wolfling Learns to Whistle”


“Eating Crackers in a Crypt”


“Dixie Doodle, Girl Geek, in ‘My Boyfriend’s Back'”


“Drooling Doreen”


“Revenge of the Tooth Fairy”


“Loathsome Sally Under the Texas Moon”


That’s all, folks! We hope you enjoyed and if you did, check in tomorrow night for the final eight episodes of “90-second Cellphone Chillin’ Theater.”



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