August 28, 2023

The Talented Miss Amina Murodova

The Talented Miss Amina Murodova

Amina Murodova is a 14-year-old refugee from the war the despot Vladimir Putin brought down upon Ukraine. She has found her true artistic expression across a wide range of subjects and mediums. She was a student at the famous Kyiv Academy of Arts, beginning when she was six years old – before the war forced her and her mother to flee (with her cat and bunny) to America a year ago, which is certainly a story for another day. Her father has remained, in battle against the Soviet invasion.

Amina’s diverse range of work is displayed here, each with its title, medium, and the artist’s age when she created it.

Owl; Gouache, 13yo

Still Life with Violin

Acrylics, 14yo

Hurricane Ian

Acrylics, 14yo

Amina is very dedicated to her art, including the animated movies she creates. She was born in Kyiv and now resides, with her mother, Krystyna Ignatova, in Titusville, Florida, where she continues her Kiev Academy of Arts classes online.

Portrait of a Man in a Room

Oil pastels, 14yo

Portrait of an Old Man (from a Van Gogh)

Oil pastels, 13yo

Chitta (cheetah); gouache, 12 yo 

Amina draws, sketches and paints in diverse mediums which always seem to be just the right choice for the subject. She gets really inspired by two things mostly: animals (like the cheetah and the owl), and Japanese anime. She really enjoys painting 3D animals and characters.

Keeper of Stones; Markers, 14yo

Marigolds near Central Park, New York City

Acrylics; 12yo

Sunflower bouquet with a traditional Ukrainian folklore doll

Colour pencils, 11yo

Ukraine is beautiful and strong; oil pastels, 13yo 

Amina Murodova with “Harvest.”

Amina’s dream is to become a professional animation artist. She has many followers on the internet who like her animated art. She has won many international and several American art competitions. Amina became a member of the Titusville Art League in August, 2022, and a volunteer for its art camps in June and July, 2023. She took First Place at the Art Festival in Viera, Florida, in May 2023. Here she is holding her work entitled “Harvest” (colour pencils, 14yo) which won Second Place at the North Brevard Art League competition in Titusville in April, 2023.

“Amina Murodova is not just a young artist, but a real hard worker who is moving towards her goal in her life to become a successful animation artist,” says her mother. 

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