August 24, 2023

“The Christie Pitts Riots” by Sam Rosenthal

“The Christie Pitts Riots” by Sam Rosenthal

The Hogtown Experience is an innovative theatre company dedicated to telling compelling stories with an immersive “You are there” approach. Our first Podcast is a 4 episode audio drama called THE RIOT AT CHRISTIE PITS. Based on real events, it tells the story of a series of brazen anti-semitic acts that took place in Toronto in 1933, six years before the start of the Second World War. THE CHRISTIE PITS RIOT features original music from Canada’s own Measha Bruegergossman, and we are thrilled to announce that THE RIOT will be the first of many audio immersive stories yet to come.

Your Immersive Experience begins.
The Rosenthal’s Drug Store
Walking Home

We hope you enjoyed listening to The Christie Pits Riot. If you want to hear more, you can listen to them on Spotify or Google Podcasts. And if this audio production wasn’t to your liking, you can can check out our Audio Arts Page on Fictional Cafe. We update it every other Friday, 7 PM EST.

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