March 23, 2019

“The Maltese Goddess”

“The Maltese Goddess”

Saturday Night at the Podcasts

We are so delighted to welcome ZBS Media back to The Fictional Cafe with “The Maltese Goddess,” an entertaining and original takeoff on Dashiell Hammett’s novel, The Maltese Falcon. Not only is the script first class, but the ZBS Artistes have added two extraordinary aspects to this storytelling.

One, from time to time the main characters break into song. And not just any song, like a pop diva, but operatic song in which the character is singing their lines from the script! They call “The Maltese Goddess” a detective opera. It’s just great, and even if you don’t think you like opera, I think you’ll like this.

Two, the entire three-episode production is recorded in 3-D sound. What in the heck is that? you may be asking, so I thought I’d proffer the definition on the Wikipedia page to explain: “3-D audio (processing) is the spatial domain convolution of sound waves using Head-related transfer functions.”

Ha-Ha! I’ll bet you’re saying you still don’t know what 3-D sound is, so I’ll explain it myself. It’s as if you are right there, in the middle of everything. People talking and external sounds [i.e. FX] all around you. To experience 3-D sound in all its richness, I highly recommend – to the point of insistence – that you listen to “The Maltese Goddess” wearing headphones. While I was listening, I walked through my living room, whose outside door was open at the time. I heard some people talking and was certain I had company, but when I whipped around to look, no one was there! It was the 3-D sound in my headphones!!

So without further palaver, here is the Introduction and Part I of ZBS’s “detective opera,” the Maltese Falcon — er, I mean, “The Maltese Goddess.” Parts 2 and 3 follow on consecutive Saturday nights. The last time we played a ZBS production, we got 22 Comments.

Please click on the arrow below to listen to the Introduction to “The Maltese Goddess.”

Please click on the arrow below to listen to Part i of “The Maltese Goddess.”

If you like what you’re hearing, please write your own comments below so ZBS will let us podcast more from their library. Thanks a lot!

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  • Douglad stwvens says:

    I got hooked on ZBS productions not the 80’s as a teen listening to Ruby. Everything they do is the best content and story with the highest production quality. Maltese Goddess is awesome.

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