March 20, 2019

Casey Stanberry, Architectural Illustrator

Casey Stanberry, Architectural Illustrator

We’re pleased to introduce some new and fascinating art from Boston’s Casey Stanberry. Casey was trained as an architect and furthered his education at an art school in Spain. There, he participated in his first art shows and allowed the dense, historic architectural fabric to inspire his work. Originally from South Carolina, he has always had a passion for historic architecture and its relationship with contemporary daily life. His work reflects the intersection of the built environment and fine art in sweeping perspectives captured in painted and penned architectural diagrams. 

Casey Stanberry

Artist’s Statement

“These pieces are drawn in elevation, plan, section and aerial to best expose certain structural and aesthetic qualities. Paint is sometimes layered over drawings followed by pen, which gives pieces a sense of being in architectural progress. There is an analytical approach to drawings mixed with a surrealist perspective in the hope that it displays more with the given medium.”

Statehouse, Boston
Row houses
Back Bay, Boston
Ascending #1
Ascending #2

See more of Casey’s pen & ink drawings, paintings, and sketchbooks at his website or shop at his Etsy page.

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