December 24, 2021

“Tales of Christmas” by KSL Podcasts

“Tales of Christmas” by KSL Podcasts

Merry Christmas Eve Fictional Cafe Listeners! In honor of the season, we’d like to present “Good-bye Christmas” by KSL Podcasts and “A Green and White Christmas” by Kiro Radio.

Tales of Christmas
A Green and White Christmas

This Christmas, Seattle Radio Theatre and KIRO Radio return with the magic of a LIVE old-timey radio drama. This holiday radio play written and directed by Seattle Radio Theatre founder Feliks Banel, finds a 1950s Seattle family trying to celebrate their Christmas Eve tradition of visiting the old Frederick & Nelson department store downtown, when an ill-timed snowstorm threatens to upend everything. But a Frederick’s doorman and department store Santa goes above and beyond to try and make it a meaningful Christmas for everyone. Starring many favorite voices from KIRO Radio, and featuring live sound effects!

KIRO is a sister station to KSL NewsRadio.

Tales of Christmas

In this original radio play, two men who used to be a beloved Seattle baseball broadcast team haven’t spoken to each other in years. When a dedicated fan tries to figure out what went wrong, he accidentally sets in motion a series of events that might just ruin everybody’s Christmas. Featuring KIRO Radio voices and other favorites in Seattle, plus live music and live sound effects, this is perfect holiday entertainment for the whole family. KIRO is a sister station to KSL NewsRadio. 

We hope you enjoy “Good-bye Christmas,” by KSL Podcasts and “A Green and White Christmas” by Kiro Radio. If you would like to hear more episodes, feel free to check out their website, or Google Podcasts. We hope that all of you wonderful Fictional Cafe Listeners have a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays.

We will be back January, 2022 with more audio adventures on our Audio Arts Page, every other week, at 7 PM, EST. So don’t change that dial!

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