March 12, 2020

Our New Baristas! Welcome Michael, Amanda & Yong

Our New Baristas! Welcome Michael, Amanda & Yong

Please join us in welcoming our new baristas to The Fictional Café! These three talented additions to our staff have rolled up their sleeves to help us brew the tastiest “fresh java” this side of Pluto.

Michael Piekny has joined our Editorial Board, which also includes our editor and all-star submissions manager Ruth Simon and our editor and anthology barista, Mike Mavilia Rochester. As an Editorial Board Barista, Michael brings a robust enthusiasm for editing based upon years of practice, and the work he does at his own company, Hub Edits. If you’ve recently been published on FC, you’ve surely enjoyed working with him.

Our new Visual Arts Barista is Amanda Grafe. She’ll be curating our visual art offerings, which includes anything from paintings to sculptures to photography. An artist herself, Amanda’s passion for art as well as her eagerness to learn about and share the work of talented visual artists make her an ideal barista for this role. If you’re in the visual arts field, or a fan, be sure to reach out to Amanda!

Yong Takahashi is our new Poetry Barista and will be handpicking the poems on FC. As a prolific writer of fiction, poetry and songs, Yong brings her years of experience in writing and publishing as well as a trained ear for lyricism to the Poetry Barista position. She’s always engaging with folks on Twitter, so please send her a hello!

As always, we want to thank our baristas, volunteers all of us, for the tireless work they contribute to The Fictional Café. These people donate their time to helping keep the arts alive in the world because they believe everyone — literally from all corners of the Earth — deserves a voice. Thanks for reading, contributing to our community and welcoming Michael, Amanda and Yong to the Café.

— Mike and Jack

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