August 5, 2016

Our First YA Podcast: “Confessions of a Troll” by Artemis Greenleaf

Our First YA Podcast: “Confessions of a Troll” by Artemis Greenleaf

Enter the world of Mordecai “Cai” Peterson, a regular ole everyday teenager who is about to fall down a social media rabbit hole. This is one heck of a fun podcast, whether you’re a young adult or an old one, like me.

You can watch a well done video preview of “Confessions of a Troll” on Artemis Greenleaf’s website here. It’s a novel that’s been turned into a podcast from our friends at

Artemis Greenleaf, she of the lovely name, is indeed a real person and this is her real name. She lives in a small town near Houston, Texas. And if a woman writing in the first person as a 16-year-old boy isn’t enough for you, it’s read by an Englishman whose first name is Andrew. And very well read, I might add.

Here’s the first installment; there will be one each Friday for the month of August. But if you just can’t wait to hear the next one, please trip on over to Podiobooks and download your own – remembering to tip the author, of course!

Please click on the arrow below to listen to the first installment of “Confessions of a Troll.”




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