August 8, 2016

Francoise Menebrode: New York Photography

Francoise Menebrode: New York Photography

Editor’s Note: Just as Paris is alluring, fascinating, filled with wonder to a visiting American, so is New York to the foreign visitor – in this case Francoise Menebrode. Some people spend their time filling their eyes and ears with the sights and sounds of travel, but for a visual artist, the richest experiences are found looking through a camera lens. Francoise captured her visual impressions of New York from behind her Nikon, then devoted herself to hours in front of her computer and Photoshop, rendering her images into unique works of art. Herewith are her evocations of one of the world’s greatest cities.

Please click on each image to see a larger view.

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The old flag

The old flag


New York Sep 2010 Guy with hat and mustache

Guy with hat and mustache


New York Sep 2010 065 Reflection 5th avenue

Reflection: 5th Avenue


New York Sep 2010 061Reflection

Une autre réflexion



New York _2011 My old teddy bear

My old teddy bear


New York _2011 old man

Old man


New York _2011 woman on crossroad

Woman in crosswalk


New York Sep 2010 012 Meat market Brooklyn

Brooklyn meat market


New York _2011 From the other side

From the other side


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Francoise Menebrode

Francoise Menebrode is a photographer, an artist and a translator who lives in Brest, France, the largest city in Brittany. It is my great pleasure to call her my friend.  ~ Jack





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