January 19, 2022

“Observations Through Yellow Glasses,” Yong’s New Book!

“Observations Through Yellow Glasses,”  Yong’s New Book!

Yong Takahashi moved to The United States with her parents when she was three years old. She grew up in a traditional household where her Korean and American worlds pulled her in opposite directions. Shortlisted for The Sexton Prize for Poetry, Observations Through Yellow Glasses: A Memoir Through Poems invites you to follow her journey as she learns life’s bitter lessons, longs for love, and attempts to heal the wounds she collects along the way.

A few words from Yong:
“I set out to write a memoir by my fiftieth birthday. Several people asked me not to use their names. I tried to figure out how I could tell my story without pointing fingers so I decided to write about snippets of my life through poetry. Each poem highlights a snapshot of a feeling or an event that changed me. 

The poetry collection is divided into three sections: Innocence Lost, Searching for Love, and Healing. It follows my life from struggling to learn how to live between a traditional and a modern world to healing from those lessons. 

Due to quarantine, this book took a couple more years to publish than originally planned but I think it came out at the right time for me.”

You can buy Yong’s new book in Kindle here and also in paperback.


Observations Through Yellow Glasses

Yong Takahashi, the Fictional Café Poetry Barista, is the author of Observations Through Yellow Glasses, Rising, and The Escape to Candyland. She was a finalist in The Restless Books Prize for New Immigrant Writing, Southern Fried Karma Novel Contest, Gemini Magazine Short Story Contest, and The Sexton Prize for Poetry. 

Her upcoming books, Camp Detroit and Sometimes We Fall, will be published in 2022.

To learn more about Yong, check out her LinkTree.

Observations Through Yellow Glasses

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