February 4, 2022

“My Amazing Woman” by James C. Taylor

“My Amazing Woman” by James C. Taylor

Happy February, Fictional Cafe Listeners! In honor of the holiday of love just around the corner, we thought you would enjoy a romantic comedy. Which is why we, your humble baristas present you with “My Amazing Woman,” by James C. Taylor.

A newly-married Trevor Waring is ready to enjoy his honeymoon with his new wife, Anna Kat Waring, but she has another objective to accomplish. She needs to tell her new husband that she is the the famous super heroine, Amazing Woman. On top of that, the island they’re vacationing on is in imminent peril and Anna’s super team needs her help.

My Amazing Woman
Episode 1

Our favorite power couple has a crimefighting houseguest, as Penny (the Coin Wonder) separates from Millionaire Man! And lurking in the background is the notorious former criminal, the Queen of Clubs!

My Amazing Woman

Episode 2
Trevor Waring·····A.J. Cruz | 
Anna Kat Waring (Amazing Woman)·····Lena Garcia | 
Millionaire Man·····Joshua Nicholson | 
Penny the Coin Wonder·····Diana Helen Kennedy | 
Madison Goforth (Red Light)·····Sophie Flack | 
The Special Agent (Olive Branch)·····Dianne Weller | 
Lenny Watkins·····Frank Guglielmelli | 
Arch Davis·····David Robbins | 
Elizabeth Featherstone (Queen of Clubs)·····Nancy O’Fallon | 
Jane Farquhar·····Faith Dowgin | 
Kevin from Accounting·····Julius Alfaro | 
The Reporter·····MP Marchinuke | 
Narrator·····James C. Taylor | 
Produced by·····James C. Taylor | 
Written by·····James C. Taylor | 
Script Editing·····Nicole Beharrell | 
Voice Direction·····Mark Bauer | 
Dialog Editing·····Nicole Beharrell | 
Sound Mastering·····James C. Taylor | 
Music Composition·····James C. Taylor | 
Classical Music Sequences·····ClassicalArchives.com | 
Sound Effects·····FreeSound.org | 

This is a production of Hey, Daddyo Audio, in affiliation with Time Well Electronic Recording Productions, copyright © 2021 by James C. Taylor, all rights reserved.

We hope you enjoyed this audio adventure of “My Amazing Woman” by James C. Tayor. If you wish to listen to more of these episodes, you can check them out on their website, or Apple Podcasts. And of course, if this story isn’t to your taste, we have plenty more on Fictional Cafe’s Audio Arts Page. We update a new podcast every other week at 7 PM, EST. So don’t change that dial!

My Amazing Woman
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  • So, I was Google searching the show and I happened to come across this post. Thank you so much! We hope your followers have enjoyed the show and we hope you’ll come back for more.

    James C. Taylor
    Producer / Head Writer
    My Amazing Woman
    Hey, Daddyo Audio

    • Mike Rochester says:

      Thanks for stopping by the Café, James! I hope you get some new followers from our post. Ruby always seems to find some fantastic gems of audio adventures and this is no exception.

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