October 27, 2019

Mind-Melding with Lew Holzman’s Art

Mind-Melding with Lew Holzman’s Art

We’re pleased to showcase Lew’s unique expression of the intersection of photography and painting once again. His work first appeared here, and was featured again in our just-published anthology, The Strong Stuff: The Best of Fictional Café, 2013-2017.

Artist’s Statement

There are many beautiful or interesting moments that one can capture but we’ve seen many of them too many times. I always attempt to avoid the clichéd.

My work is transformational so that we might look again and see things somehow differently.

I am trying to blur the distinction between photography and painting with influences mainly from late 19th and 20th-century art movements including Surrealism, Dadaism, and abstract expressionism.

Keep Your Head Above Water
Hung Out to Dry
Don Quixote Carries the Windmill
Come Together Right Now
Duration is a Pain
New York 2463 CE
Eventually We are All Devoured
Narcissus Gazed into the Pool


I have always created either word images in my poetry or visual images. Digital photography expanded my horizons and my transformations transformed me into a Digital Artist. I have exhibited both internationally (Italy, Switzerland & Belgium) and regionally within the U.S. I have had a solo show at the Amherst Chamber of Commerce, group shows at the Burnett Gallery at the Jones Library in Amherst, Amherst’s Town Hall, Valley Photo in Springfield and at the ECA Gallery in Easthampton, Ma. I have displayed works at the Southern Vt. Art Center in Manchester amongst other places. I am a longtime member of The Pioneer Valley Photographic Artists.

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