April 8, 2016

Lew Holzman – Digital Art

Lew Holzman – Digital Art

Editor’s Note: When Lew Holzman emailed us with a few images for us to consider for the Fictional Café, we were instantly struck by the imagination and diversity that we saw in his work. Some are photographs overlaid with other images, creating a haunting effect, while others seem to be more like collages cut and pasted together electronically. We won’t peek too far behind the curtain, but hopefully you get a sense of the magic that Lew’s creative mind can perform with our modern technology.

If you like what you see here, check out his personal page and his Fotographers group, where you will find other artists’ work as well.

* * *



“Walkin on Substrates”



“The New City”



“Plastic Surgery #2”


City at Night, Lumicta Vll

“City at Night, Lumicta VII”


The Bermuda Rectangles

“Bermuda Rectangles”


Considering the Past

“Considering the Past”


What was that Word

“What Was That Word”


* * *


Me on the Oregon Coast (small)From the Author: “My work is photographically based digital art. It is transformative and is meant to direct the observer to view things in different ways. It amuses me to experiment and hopefully that feeling is passed on to the viewer. My work has been exhibited in Europe and regionally in New England. It has been published in everything from a Green Construction Manual, to an Australian Travel magazine (Get Lost), to an online magazine (Interstizi) and most recently in Preview Magazine (2/16 edition). My next scheduled exhibit is a solo show in November at the Amherst, Massachusetts Chamber of Commerce. You can find more of my artwork on Flickr and in my Fotographers group on Facebook.”

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