January 11, 2021

Maziar Karim – The Poetry of Pondering

Maziar Karim – The Poetry of Pondering
1. back home 
every morning  
alley swallow me  
and the city 
digest me 
I know 
in this swarm 
the night puke me 
and I will back home again  
2. empty rifles  
rifle opening  
is not scary 
when every morning 
with toothless mouth flowing  
and at the night 
with empty rifles  
back home 
3.   no name 
was the beginnings 
and crater 
was the end of big bang? 
I wish instead galaxy 
we observed human 
4. curved universe 
Cloud mass of black whole 
it bends the galaxy 
the sun 
it bends the earth 
it bends aunt’s feet  
and pain 
it bends human’s feet 
we haven't been guilty  
we just born 
in the curved universe   
5. Human  
Human is a cosmic  
Between two kisses  
and a hug  
6. To levitate 
To fall 
and levitate  
to levitate 
to levitate  
to levitate 
and to levitate 
I was born once 
to live a thousand times  
7. Future 

I pick up the phone 
and call to past 
my childhood  
is screaming yet  


Maziar Karim was born in 28 of February in Tehran Iran. He holds an MS degree in Information Technology. He has been doing research in different fields of philosophy psychology philology meat ology and literature and he is going to publish essays and books in these fields in both Persian and English languages. His work in America already has been appeared in different magazine such as: Better Than Starbucks, DREGINALD, The Bookends Review, Gramma Poetry and Smithsonian Magazine . 

Maziar Karim

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  • Stephanie Karina says:

    My favorite line that resides for me is
    “Human is a cosmic
    Between two kisses
    and a hug ”
    That is a beautiful way to define being human, it is simple but it hits the heart. This poem is easy and short to read, but to demonstrates it’s message beautifully.

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