January 8, 2021

“The Green Horizon” by Paul Walsh

“The Green Horizon” by Paul Walsh

Hello Fictional Café listeners and welcome to 2021! Our first podcast for the new year will be “The Green Horizon” by Paul Walsh.

The Green Horizon is a Lovie Awards shortlisted sci-fi audio comedy that focuses on a ne’er-do-well Irish space captain and his rag-tag crew as they traverse a war-torn galaxy in search of fame and fortune.

Sonya has always dreamed of exploring the universe and flying among the stars, but when an unfortunate fight with her supervisor causes her to be unemployed, Sonya has to find new ways to make her dream come true.

The Green Horizon
Episode 1

A chance meeting at the local employment center could be the answer to all of Sonya Halley’s problems, does she have what it takes to join the crew of the Green Horizon? But with no other jobs available, what choice does she have?

The Green Horizon
Episode 2

With their Engineer missing, the crew of the Green Horizon must discover his whereabouts, as well as navigate their way past a looming inspection of their ship.

With Kieran Walsh as Gino Whelan, Caoimhe Walsh as Sonya Halley, Amy Jackman as Jilly Whelan, Steven Stubbs as Bernard Dooley, Megan Walsh as RedBekka Roy and Paul Walsh as Peter Savage, this quirky, yet charming little audio adventure is something everyone can enjoy!

This audio production was recorded in the Forum, Waterford, Ireland, with Sound by Steven Stubbs. If you wish to listen to more episodes by Paul Walsh, check out them out on Buzzsprout.

And for those looking forward to more fun audio tales of adventure in the year 2021, turn your dial to our Fictional Café Audio Arts page every other Friday at 7 pm!

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  • Laverne Wyatt says:

    Love it, I’ve clocked thousands of hours of sci fi and fantasy audiobooks over the years and this is on the top level. 🏈🎉😎😍

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