June 29, 2015

July ‘Zine Features and A Personal Message from your Baristas

July ‘Zine Features and A Personal Message from your Baristas

We’d like to thank all of our loyal patrons – new and seasoned – for your support this month in our relaunch of the Fictional Café. We hope you’ll enjoy our upcoming July ‘zine Member Writing offerings. As we’re sure you have already figured out, we publish new fiction, poetry, photography and art in the early days of each month, along with occasional news, interviews and book reviews throughout the rest of the month.

July features an intense short story from Jane Ward, one of our returning writers, a photo essay of egrets by John Woods, a wildlife photographer, and the third installment of Ward Parmentieri’s crazed, sexy, often funny mystery about a missing rockstar. We have no idea where this one is going, since Ward won’t tell us, but we think the journey is well worth taking.

As a member of the Coffee Club, you get an email notice every time we publish new work. We have some fun planned for you this summer, and you’ll be the first to hear about it.

If you like what’s going on here at the FC, would you please recommend us to a friend or two? We’d love to have some new members, especially people you know. Just send them this link: https://www.fictionalcafe.com/coffee-club/ and thank you for sharing the FictionalCafé experience with your friends!

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