August 1, 2016

It’s a Summer Romance – August Submissions

It’s a Summer Romance – August Submissions

Something about the hot weather makes people come together. Maybe it’s all the time outdoors or the shedding of all those winter layers. From summer camp crushes to the “long walks on the beach” everyone claims they enjoy, summertime is a season of love.

The Rolling Stones knew a thing or two about a “Summer Romance.” So do our members in this month’s issue. Here’s our “summer reading list.” Don’t worry, you won’t be quizzed on it the first week of school.

Timothy Boudreau’s short story about unrequited love in mid-life hits hard at just how cruel the heart and its desires can be. If love is a language, perhaps not everyone can speak it.

This month’s poetry comes from Chrysa Keenon, a Writing undergraduate student in Indiana. Her poems look at love as if from a window far above. Peer through the breath-fogged glass with us and enjoy the view.

Paul Germano brings us his ode to romance in the form of a rooftop short story. Contemplate the Syracuse skyline and sip a strong brew while you read this piece.

Our art this month comes all the way from France! Francoise Menebrode’s photographs of the streets of New York capture people in motion, often in reflections on glass.

Finally, for our podcast series this month, we will be featuring the novel Confessions of a Troll by Artemis Greenleaf. Tune in every Saturday morning this month for a new installment of this audiobook story.

We thank you for stopping by the Café to see our members’ work. Perhaps it will bring back memories of lovers past or spark some new romance in your own life.

— Your Baristas


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