December 12, 2015

Hank Keneally’s “Diffusion Portraits” Series

Hank Keneally’s “Diffusion Portraits” Series

Editor’s Note: Hank Keneally’s “Diffusion Portraits” series captures real life images and presents them in a blur of color that toes the line between dream and apparition. Read on to hear what he has to say about his “a-ha moment” with this series and how he achieved his effects in his photographs.

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A Moment Of Discovery: The “Cosmic Download”


During a class I was teaching for Brio Fine Arts Center one of my students got a call on her cell phone. She headed for the door to answer the call so as not to disturb the class. As she opened the door I got my “Cosmic Download”: Hank! You Should Photograph The Entire Class Behind The Diffused Glass Of That Door!!



Through the combination of using the diffusion glass of the door to the classroom and my own methods of compositing, a portrait series was created. Many are arranged in a tableau sequence of multiple portraits. In this way they interact with each other.


I’m making no compromises in accepting what happens when images combine. These images are Modernist but also utilize some of the past discoveries of Surrealism and Expressionism.



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HankKeneally_PhotoOf_ContemporaryExhibition_1.25.14Hank Keneally studied music and photography at Arizona State University, often staying in the dark room overnight to get a print “just right.” In addition to his prowess at trombone and photography, Hank has many years of tutelage in fine art, painting and digital imagery. He also started a private counseling practice with his wife, Mac, in Arizona. You can find his photography and art here.


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