November 15, 2018

David Morton Meyers Returns to FC With A New Exhibition

David Morton Meyers Returns to FC With A New Exhibition
Hey, Coffee Clubbers! Steve Sangapore, your Fine Arts Barista, here. I’ve been following several artists who have exhibited at the Fictional Café in the past and chose David Morton Meyers for a new show. Dave is currently living in Iowa, and has been working on a whole new experimental body of work that I thought would be really cool to share,  to show you a familiar face with new work and creative direction.

Artist’s Statement

Currently I have an exhibition on view at the University of Iowa’s Visual Arts Building where I am completing the final year of my Master of Fine Arts in painting with a secondary emphasis in sculpture.  This exhibition is entitled “Free Beer (Part One)” and is the sketch for my final MFA show that will occur this coming March.  My current work is inspired by Dionysus, a god of duality –  pleasure and pain.  Free beer is as much a question as it is a statement: where does a world of free beer occur and what are its implications?  There is much more to be said on this topic, but I will resist further conversation.


Artist’s Bio

Born and bred in Boston, Massachusetts, I have been a painter and sculptor  practicing my art for nearly a decade.  I graduated Cum Laude from Temple University’s Tyler School of Art with a BFA in Painting and a Minor in Art History, I’m now pursuing my MFA at the University of Iowa with a primary emphasis in painting and a secondary emphasis in sculpture.
Beyond the closing reception for my “Free Beer (Part One)” Exhibition on November 2nd, I will have my MFA show opening the week of March 3rd, 2019,  for all those midwesterners in the vicinity of Iowa City.  Beyond that, the future is unknown.

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