July 1, 2019

Breaking News at The Fictional Cafe

Breaking News at The Fictional Cafe

We’d like a few moments of your time to share some special Barista News with you. Even though we’re 100 percent volunteer, non-commercial, and free for everyone to submit and read, that doesn’t mean there aren’t people working hard to bring Fictional Cafe to you. So we want to introduce several people who are making, and have helped make, Fictional Cafe what it is today.

Every creative work submitted to FC is juried by two or three baristas. In the beginning, six years ago, all of that work fell on two baristas’ shoulders – Jack’s and Caitlin’s. What’s truly wonderful is that we have attracted talented people in all of our creative categories who have a voice in choosing what we publish. They all appear on our Baristas page. The people you’re about to meet will be joining them as soon as our webmaster returns from vacation!

We’re very pleased to introduce Susi Bocks as our Associate Editor and Barista [second from the right in photo]. Susi works beside Jack in reading, approving and preparing submissions for publication. She is a poet and will be reviewing, commenting on and helping choose poetry submissions. Susi also comes to us with a wealth of experience and knowledge about blogging, and also manages our WordPress “back office” applications. Her short story, “Broken,” will appear here on FC shortly. Don’t miss it!

Honorah Creagh is FC’s first Fiction Barista [second from the left in photo]. She’s one of those rare and impressive individuals who has deep insight into fiction-writing styles, plotting and characterization, and ably expresses her analyses and interpretations in written reviews and evaluations of incoming FC short stories and novel excerpts. Honorah is in a copyrighting certificate degree program from the University of California, San Diego, which we’re sure will contribute to her already remarkable literary skills.

Ruth Simon is the human lynchpin in FC operations [right photo]. She steps up to take on the newly created position of Submissions Manager Barista. Ruth holds a Master’s degree in English and is a writer, an editor, and a librarian. In this critically important position she strengthens our workflow process which, quite honestly, has lacked clear management in the past. What it means for contributors is we get to your submission more promptly and share it amongst ourselves much more effectively. Ruth rocks!

But we’re sad to say Steve Sangapore, our Fine Arts Barista, is departing FC as of the end of June. Steve joined us two and a half years ago (I still remember meeting him at an overcrowded little Starbucks one cold, snow-sloppy afternoon in Boston) and has done a remarkable job of managing art submissions and bringing FC to a new venue and audience on Instagram. His art career is taking off, especially his skateboard designs, and we wish him every kind of success. Steve’s contribution will be long remembered and appreciated.

One final note, from the Far From Last-But-Not-Least Department. About five years ago, I invited my nephew Michael Mavilia to lend a hand with FC. He did far more than that and has made one significant contribution after another ever since. Most recently, he wrestled our dream of a Fictional Cafe Anthology book to life, (more on that soon). Mike [left photo] will wed his lovely fiancee Emily next week. From all of us to both of you, our congratulations, love, and joy!

Please feel free to comment and share your thoughts and appreciation for all of these wonderful people.


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  • Rich Z says:

    It’s always nice to put a face with a name. Makes the conversations much easier and more personal. Just the way a cafe would operate in the flesh. That said, Thanks for the morning Joe., regards and keep up the good work.

    the OWG..aka the Old White Guy. (Rich Z)

    • Susi Bocks says:

      ***waving enthusiastically!

      Hi Rich a/k/a OWG –

      Appreciate you checking in with us and so happy to make your acquaintance! You’re so very welcome! Happy to hear that we are meeting the Java needs of our readers. 😉

      Come back anytime to continue the conversation. 🙂

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