June 29, 2019

Hiding out in Bathrooms by Julia Hwang

Hiding out in Bathrooms by Julia Hwang
I. Shame eating + 
the sterility of bleach = 
A well-balanced breakfast? 
I stuff Kit Kat wrappers in with feminine waste 
and wipe my hands of chocolate 
on too tight pants  
II. Scream 
and smash 
and scream some more 
and throw the vase's remains against the door 
Icy water surges and deafens 
I recoil into a pool of red  
How shocking! 
That a hand holds this much blood 
That our pain could clog a drain 


too late 

watching tiny pricks of blood 
bloom across my face 

I am bumpy, bitter ugliness 

I refuse to recognize her  

I dab away tears with salicylic acid 

I bury her with clay 
IV. I am grown 
I am a woman 

yet still, I hide out in bathrooms
scarfing down deli meats 
wiping at my nose, sloppily 

I am a girl 

eavesdropping on whispers and giggles
avoiding conference calls and confrontation
drowning out crying babies, sirens wailing 

catching a breath 

always ashamed 

still alone 

Julia Hwang is an emerging poet writing from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Her work, which tends to be narrative, women-focused, dreamy and macabre, has been featured in R.K. Leighton and Voice of Eve.

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Susi Bocks has done the typical experiences life has to offer - a career, marriage, and birthing two amazing humans but now resides in the middle of Kansas, where she identifies as a writer and author. She has published two books - Feeling Human and Every Day I Pause. Poetry is her primary focus, but all her thoughts reside at IWriteHer.com, where she invites you to read her and get to know her.

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