July 31, 2015

August Submissions

August Submissions

As we roll on through the best beach days of the year, we baristas at the Fictional Café have been working hard this month to serve up a sampling of the creative arts’ finest. Here are our fresh brews for August:

This month, starts off with the wonderful poetry of Judith Ward – a first-time submitter, long time Coffee Club member. Her imaginative poems feature lighthearted imagery juxtaposed by themes of heartache, as she peeks around dark corners for brief glimpses into the curious bits of life.

Next up, we have sculptures made from typewriter parts by Erich Griebling. We think his art is a great blend of what the Fictional Café is all about: writing and art. Although we use computers now, many of us remember a time when the typewriter was a very cherished thing. We hope you’ll enjoy his take on the “found art” concept as much as we do.

Finally, we’ve got a ghost story from Beth Roper. A licentious writer’s unexpected visitor carries grave consequences. How will it end? Tune in to hear the thrilling conclusion to Beth’s first short story for the Fictional Café.

Be sure to keep your ears peeled for a new Fictional Café podcast serial later this month. We’re really excited for it!

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