April 22, 2017

Announcing Our First Annual Short Story Contest

Announcing Our First Annual Short Story Contest

To celebrate entering our fifth year bringing excellent short fiction to the world, we are opening a new venue for writers: the Fictional Cafe Short Fiction Contest. Here’s how it works:

Step One: Over the course of the summer, writers enter their works in one of ten categories for fiction. Entry will cost a nominal fee, to prevent us from getting spammed. FC subscribers get a discount.

Step One-and-a-Half: The most-viewed story for each month from January to June, 2017, is automatically entered into the contest for free.

Step Two: This fall, our readers vote on the entered stories in head-to-head, double-elimination tournament action.

Step Three: We put the first and second place winners for each category into an actual print anthology made out of actual dead trees. And a Kindle edition, too.

Step Four: That anthology publishes in time for the holidays.

That’s the short version. Stay tuned in May for the long version to go up on its very own page. For now, start polishing your best work. Our ten categories are:

  1. Action/Adventure
  2. Romance
  3. Science Fiction/Fantasy
  4. Erotica
  5. Horror
  6. Literary
  7. Flash Fiction (Under 1000 words)
  8. Mystery
  9. Poetry
  10. Art (the winners end up on the cover)

Got it? Good. Now go warm up those word processors. You have a contest to win.



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