April 6, 2017

“Fractured” by Lorie Adair

“Fractured” by Lorie Adair



The snow maids

among us are idle

angels too terrified

to plumb the icy depths

of murderous woe.

Their eyes are thick with wax,

smiles startled artifice,

words unintelligible skeletons.

Lovers cannot repair

the distance;

they are but shadows

on the lawn, roosters

who savage along.

I shall be well again a hollow

phrase they repeat in therapy

where they dream

someday it will ring

sapphire true.

Until then they lie

in bleached valleys

of waste and shame,

fractured mirrors,

aborted stars.

* * *

Lorie Adair is the recipient of several Norman Mailer Scholarships and Arizona Commission on the Arts Creative Writing fellowships. Spider Woman’s Loom was a finalist for the Southwest Writers Award and a semi-finalist for the Dana Award. She has written for NPR affiliate, KJZZ, and her fiction and creative non-fiction have appeared in Hippocampus Magazine, Kindred, Praxis Journal of Gender and Cultural Critiques, and Terrain.org. She earned an MFA in Creative Writing from Antioch University, Los Angeles. She currently resides and teaches in Phoenix.

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