November 1, 2020

“Accidental Magic,” An Art Exhibition by Brian White

“Accidental Magic,” An Art Exhibition by Brian White

Artist’s Statement: 
My work is about embracing the unexpected mistake.

Accidental Magic

It forces me to react in ways that change patterns.

Brian White

I like to think of it as accidental magic. 

Accidental Magic

Every so often it appears and feels like a reward for being patient or paying 

Accidental Magic

Like you’re inside a mesmerizing piece of music heard for the first time and there is no doubt this is exactly what is supposed to be happening. 

Accidental Magic


Brian White

About Brian White:
I grew up in Southeastern Virginia, graduated from Maryland Institute College of Art, and live in Livingston, Montana. 

I enjoy floating the river, printmaking and sign painting. 

To see more work, visit my website.

This is his first feature on The Fictional Café.

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