June 4, 2021

“Wuthering Heights” adapted by Rachel Pulliam

“Wuthering Heights” adapted by Rachel Pulliam

Happy June Everyone! This week we are going to listen to “Wuthering Heights,” written by Emily Bronte and adapted by Rachel Pulliam. In honor of June being Audiobook Month, I thought it would be fun to post an old classic, that is both timeless and – in this case – produced by Dream Realm Enterprises.

Penned in 1847, Emily Bronte’s story of love, hate, and revenge has remained an eternal classic. Heathcliff, a foundling boy, is taken in by the kind Mr. Earnshaw and raised with his own children, Cathy and Hindley. While Hindley’s jealousy grows, Cathy finds the boy endearing and together they form an inseparable bond. Despite her connection and love for Heathcliff, Cathy struggles with fulfilling society’s expectations of her to marry a rich man or the desire to follow her heart.

Wuthering Heights
Act 1
Wuthering Heights

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After well over a decade of dedication, they continue to bring you original works of fiction that engage your ear, as well as your imagination. If you join them on this journey, they’ll open up your mind’s fullest possibilities, and open your heart to feel, laugh and cry. Dream Realm Enterprises hopes you’ll join them on their endless journey of discovery.

Wuthering Heights


John Bell as the Announcer and Lockwood

Karl Werner as Heathcliff

Mindy Rast-Keenan as Isabella

Marisha Tapera as Ellen

Alexa Chipman as Cathy

Karim Kronfli as Earnshaw

Rachel Pulliam as Young Heathcliff

Emily Smith as Young Cathy

Gabriel Harris as Young Hindley

David Ault as Hindley

Pete Lutz as Edgar Linton

John Lingard as Joseph

Jerry Kokich as Dr Kenneth

Alex Gilmour as Servant


Post Production Editor, Sound Designer, Producer & Director: Rachel Pulliam

Executive Producer for Dream Realm Enterprises:  Jonithan Patrick Russell

Once again, we here at Fictional Cafe hope you enjoyed listening to this audiobook classic. If you didn’t, remember to check in on our Audio Arts Page every other week for a new audio adventure. We have something new every other week at 7 PM EST, so don’t change that dial! And we’ll see you soon!

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