November 30, 2015

Winter’s First Breath: December Submissions

Winter’s First Breath: December Submissions

If summer seems far away already to you, you’re not alone. Much of the country has donned its winter coats and woolen sweaters, like the gals in our cover photo, a floating art installment by Hilary Zelson called “Who Wears Wool,” a tribute to the wool industry of yesteryear in Fort Point, Boston.


The sculpture eerily reminds me of a Trojan Horse – a wolf in sheep’s clothing or in this case perhaps a shark in sheep’s clothing – floating toward an unsuspecting city.

Speaking of sharks and sheep, consumers this holiday season may be interested in this new invention to prepare for the winter ahead. But I digress… Here are our December Submissions to celebrate the solstice.

This month’s fiction comes from Lloyd Prentice, a novelist whose gritty crime fiction caught our attention in this excerpt from The Gospel of Ashes. The scene takes place in a laundromat – possibly the most boring place in any town – but I assure you what unfolds in this story is anything but boring.

Our artwork comes from “The Diffusion Portraits Series” of photographer Hank Keneally. He uses frosted glass to create sometimes dreamlike, sometimes ghostly images of people that look like an x-ray machine gone haywire.

Rounding out the month, we’ve got a set of poems from writer/artist/musician Maria Termini. Her vast experience in work and travel shaped these poems about moments as near to us as home and as far away as foreign lands.

We would like to wrap up by saying thank you to our loyal members – readers, writers, artists and photographers. This site exists because of you. We baristas love having you here in our quaint little café where we bring the arts to arts lovers and where we share our thoughts on the creative world. Thank you all for a great year and here’s to a great 2016!

– Your Baristas


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