December 20, 2020

Umi and Mori Haikus by Julie Brinson

Umi and Mori Haikus by Julie Brinson
                            Six Umi and one Mori Haiku 
following bright sun 
alone, he surfs a strong wave 
with a young dolphin 

seen in clear water 
bright life on a coral reef 

a tiny seahorse 
sleeps in tropical sea grass 
and moonlight falls down 

drifting on currents 
wishes lost in old bottles 
many horizons 

in cold waters deep 
sad songs of the lonely whales 
mourning lost ones loved 

sea salted sands 
shift into the greens and blues 
then the yellow sun 
bright sun warms noon day 
overripe apples hang low 
--sticky, drunken bees 


Julie Brinson has previously published random poetry in numerous independent, underground literary magazines and journals in the 1990s. She has written various Internet articles and essays in the years since.  

Two short poetry collections: Courage and the Reasons Why (published 2019), Legacy of the Courage to Not (published 2020).  

A children’s book: Juri Little One (published 2020).  

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