March 1, 2019

The Weekend Podcast: “Anna Schutz” by Dean Peterson

The Weekend Podcast: “Anna Schutz” by Dean Peterson

We have a terrific new audio arts program for you tonight. It’s the story of an enigmatic young German woman named Anna Schutz and an American GI named Oli, who has a really bad case of depression. Or, in the author’s words:

“A white-clad phantom seen running through the woods in Germany . . . a warren of abandoned tunnels under an American base . . . a forgotten clinic once used by the Nazis . . . one soldier’s obsession to solve a fifty-year old murder before his suicidal plans go any further. Listen to the madness unfold in Anna Schutz. “It’s like Jarhead meets The Shining.”

We are providing the first six chapters to whet your appetite for this strange, enchanting ghost story, narrated with great empathy by the author. And speaking of the author, please be sure to watch his short video explaining the origins of the story at the end of the following excerpts.

Please click on the arrows to listen to Chapters 1 through 6 of “Anna Schutz.” There are 19 chapters in all. Go get ’em.

“Anna Schutz” Chapter 1

“Anna Schutz” Chapter 2
“Anna Schutz” Chapter 3
“Anna Schutz” Chapter 4
“Anna Schutz” Chapter 5
“Anna Schutz” Chapter 6

Meet Dean by clicking here:

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