March 14, 2019

The Poetry of Keith Carreiro

The Poetry of Keith Carreiro

A Caprice of Nature

the earth, a drop of cerulean
dew in a black puddle ocean
of space, whirls on its news
paper axis, while I walk by
portland amazed at a barber
seated in his cutting chair —
he plays paganini on a violin.

the ancients thought the soul capable of re-remembering life

if asked precise questions
such acuity would provide
a channel through which the
mind and heart might flow
as a modern
when i again
experience what an ancient knew
i see the might and decay
of empire wane and glow
in the yes of joy
in the no of sorrow
a current of mystery
with its own tug and pull
rushes my spirit within
its tidal pulse
knowledge re–born is useless
without wisdom
as a sage without the right
a man in the full flower of
enfoldment is but a weak reed
blown by the chaos of the
age if his mind is not filled with

Verzauberung Gefangen

I will place your bowels in bowls of brown and bring the rest to ruin;
I will store your spit in sheaves of straw and strew the seed of disunion.
I will put the pieces in pockets of puce
empurpled with sadness and sequins
while some will try to induce a truce
and others might light their beacons
I will set afire the sight of truth
While everything else but weakens
You will think your mind minted mild, while thoughts abandon reason
The spit I use to spin you upon seems wild, defiled, and sports treason
Now you court catastrophe, and I but yield a spoon
You bleed a poor philosophy while I stir this lampoon
— to the Brothers Grimm  



A. Keith Carreiro lives in southeastern Massachusetts. He has an abiding love and passion for the visual, literary and performing arts. At an early age, he started playing the classical guitar and toured professionally as a solo concert classical guitarist in the 70s throughout North and South America. He started writing poetry in high school. Reading, music, storytelling and movies became his passions, all of which set him on a lifelong path of exploration in creativity. For him, poetry forms the basis upon which all imagination and storytelling unfolds.

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