June 24, 2022

“The Petrol Station” by Annis McGee

“The Petrol Station” by Annis McGee

Welcome back Fictional Cafe listeners! “The Petrol Station” by Annis McGee is a semi horror podcast about the lonely world of working the graveyard shift in the middle of nowhere. Though I considered hanging onto this until we hit Halloween, the glowing reviews that followed this show convinced me to post it a little early, for your listening pleasure.

"The Petrol Station"
Episode 1: Don’t Look Down

Nina Sudbrooke is a young girl who works the nights at her local remote petrol station. One evening she encounters something…stranger and now is desperate to tell somebody, anybody. 

The first episode in the audio supernatural horror series was written by Annis McGee and produced by Far Island. 

"The Petrol Station"
Episode 2: Brief Encounters

After thinking her troubles were over, Nina finds herself noticing things get stranger and stranger. 

This episode was written by Annis McGee.

Performed by Nick Odams and Annis McGee.

Produced by Livia Brown.

Audio edited by Sam Storey

Music produced by James McGee. 

We hope you enjoyed listening to “The Petrol Station” by Annis McGee. If you wish to listen to more episodes by Far Island, you can find the show on Spotify and iTunes. And of course, if it wasn’t to your liking, you can find other audio adventures on the Fictional Cafe Audio Arts Page. We post a new episode every other week at 7PM, EST. So don’t change that dial!

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