February 12, 2016

The New World of Podcasting

The New World of Podcasting

Jack in Joshua Tree Tshirt 250As we conclude the podcasts of my two novels, Wild Blue Yonder and its sequel, Madrone, we enter into a brave new world: a podcast with extraordinary production values. By that I mean what we call in the business “FX” or special effects. A multi-faceted soundtrack to accompany voices, possessing all the sounds you’d expect to accompany a movie but in a sound-only broadcast: in other words, a podcast.

What you’re about to hear, beginning next Monday, February 15, is “The Leviathan Chronicles,” a podcast with the most sophisticated soundtrack I’ve yet to hear in all my days and years of listening to podcasts. Nothing even comes close. I would love to share with you all kinds of details about the many people in the cast, the sound engineering, the energy of the script itself, but the creator, Christof Laputka, has chosen to keep his secrets. This leaves us with a pure artistic expression, and experience, which is somewhat rare in our culture.Evo 250

The Leviathan Chronicles” runs next Monday through Wednesday, the first three episodes of Season One, which has 26 episodes in total. Each month, we’ll introduce you to yet another featured novel podcast from our friend Evo Terra of Podiobooks. If you like what you hear, you’re encouraged to go to Podiobooks.com and download the rest of our selection or anything else you like. The rest, you say? Yes – but we’ll save that news for Monday.

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