November 25, 2022

“The Flock” by A Ton of Feathers

“The Flock” by A Ton of Feathers

The Flock, created by A Ton of Feathers, is a musical audio drama with funding from Arts Council England.

The Flock is an audio drama with songs. An environmental fable about the end of the world told from the point of view of the birds.

Parrot and Budgie escape from captivity while the wild birds gather. 

Parrot and Budgie head deeper into the wild, but they’re being watched.

There is much chatter of the Wisest Bird, while a monster rumbles into life…

The Flock present the case against homo sapiens…

The Flock is produced by ‘A Ton of Feathers’ with funding from Arts Council England Scripts & Direction by Jack Sanderson-Thwaite Music, Lyrics & Editing by Gecko In this episode: Lauren Vandike played Parrot Winston J Pyke played Magpie Hannah Bristow played Budgie Gecko played Jonny Swift With additional voices by Joanna Van Kampen & Gecko Backing vocals by Chris Read & Shane David Joseph The cast were recorded at Christchurch Studios in Bristol engineered by Charlie Flack Mastering by Ben Mckone at Crosstown Studios, London Additional thanks to Maeve O’Neill at Rua Arts, Jamie Wyver & the RSPB, Trent Burton & the Cosmic Shambles Network, Green Up Your Act, James Peries, Tom Marshman & the Bush Theatre.

If you enjoyed this preview to “The Flock,” by a Ton of Feathers, you can find the rest of the episodes on their website and Spotify. And of course, if the catchy, upbeat musical numbers aren’t to your liking, check out Fictional Cafe’s Audio Arts Page. We update our episodes every other week, Friday 7PM, EST. So don’t change that dial!

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