September 14, 2019

“The Brass Lantern,” A Zany New Saturday Night Podcast

“The Brass Lantern,” A Zany New Saturday Night Podcast

The Time: The near future. The place: Beacon City. The Scene: A world where insurance companies own the police and the uninsured have no recourse. The Guy: Matthew Arnold, who fights as The Brass Lantern for those who cannot fight for themselves. Mortal enemy of John Countryman, the wickedest man alive. Elaina Dare, Matt’s fiancée, is the only living person who knows about his dual identity. Blazing guns. LOTS of guns. Nerves of steel. An illuminated mask of brass. Crime has nowhere to hide from this beacon [sic] of justice. Put on those headphones and . . .

Click the arrow below to listen to Episode 1, “The Devil’s Diner.”

The Brass Lantern: Episode 1, “The Devil’s Diner”

If you’ve enjoyed this first episode, you can listen to all 12 on Apple Podcasts, right here.

Our thanks to the multi-talented artist and creator, A. G. Devitt, about whom you can learn more by clicking here.

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