June 7, 2024

“The Books of Thoth” by Sam McDonald

“The Books of Thoth” by Sam McDonald

The god of wisdom holds many books with his great library. Unfurl the papyrus, and breathe in the ancient scent. Come with us as we explore the stories contained within The Books of Thoth. The Books of Thoth is an audio drama anthology podcast. You will explore tales of the past, the future, and even alternate realities. Every book in Thoth’s library has a story to tell. Let’s go find some, shall we?

100 million years in the future. Humans are long extinct. Squids rule the Earth. They only know us from the fossils we leave behind. What will they make of us? What assumption will they draw?

Written and produced by Sam McDonald.

A fleet of alien space probes enter the night sky. But this is not our sky, and the probes are from Earth. A scientist from Alpha Centauri studies the probes aboard a space station. What will the scientist discover about their place in the universe?

A two-for-one episode! We start with a tragicomedy of errors. A gentle reminder to always perform your bedtime rituals. You never know when they might save your life. Next, we travel to a war-torn planet. A doctor must make a hard medical decision. Will she and her patient be killed in a massive storm? Or will they take their chances with the teleporter?

Rituals performed by Sam McDonald

Teleporter performed by Hannah Preisinger

Intro music: Desert City by Kevin MacLeod

Intermission music: Monkeys Spinning Monkeys by Kevin MacLeod

Closing music: Metamorphosis by Quincas Moreira

Additional music provided by CryoChamber from the album Vestigium

Opening narration provided by Geno Samuel

Series cover art created by Nadine Trollip

We hope you enjoyed listening to “The Books of Thoth” by Sam McDonald. If you want to see more of “The Books of Thoth”, check out the website or find the episodes on Spotify. And if this podcast isn’t to your liking, then check out Fictional Cafe’s Audio Arts Page. We have new Episodes every other Friday, 7 PM EST. So don’t change that dial!

The Books of Thoth
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