August 31, 2015

Summer’s Last Stand: September Submissions

Summer’s Last Stand: September Submissions

It’s been a busy month here at the Fictional Café. In case you were on vacation, out at the beach or having a barbecue, here’s a recap.

We started our second serial podcast in August. (You can find our first here). Every Saturday morning, we invite you to wake up with Jack – our resident novelist and founding father of the Fictional Café – to hear the next chapter of Nate Flowers and company in our podcast of Madrone.

August also marked the second time we published a serial story. We thought Adam Gottfried’s supernatural, Gothic thriller was too good to merely excerpt for the Café. So we chose to post it in three installments, which you can read here.

One more shout out before we get to the batting order for September. Last month, up-and-coming author and friend of the Fictional Café, Katie Li, published her first book, Somewhere In Between. Congratulations Katie! We got an advance copy of the book and decided to review it.

Our first September submission came out a bit early. We here at the Fictional Café see writing and art as a community, so when Catherine Dougherty announced that she was finishing another novel, we wanted to get involved. Coinciding with her promotional sale on Amazon, we posted an excerpt of her new novel In Leather Chaps, available now.

Don’t worry if you missed all the action; there’s plenty more to come this month! We start with Dory Fiamingo. For those who have been hanging around the Café for a while now, you may recall that Dory shared an excerpt from her novel, Daughter of Fire, with us. Well, it turns out Dory is the Bo Jackson of the creative arts and in addition to being a writer, she’s also a painter. Stay tuned for some acrylic paintings that celebrate the beauty of the human form.

Next up, we have the newest installment of Ward Parmentieri’s novel, The Adventures of Ossian Mac Bradaigh and the Mystery of the Malcontent Misanthrope. Nobody knows where this story is going! But don’t get deflated over it; we’ll give a sneak peek from this month’s chapter: there is a guest appearance by a man ubiquitous in both the media and the world of football.

Last, but certainly not least, we have a flash fiction feast courtesy of Jason Brick, Fictional Café barista and writer extraordinaire. The anthology Baby Shoes, of which Jason is an editor, granted us permission to reprint a few select stories from the collection. We hope you enjoy a taste of one of the fastest-growing writing styles today.

Bon appétit!

Your Baristas,

Jack, Jason and Mike


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