July 26, 2022

“Spare Parts,” Poetry PLAGIARIZED by John Kucera

“Spare Parts,” Poetry PLAGIARIZED by John Kucera
Editor's Note, January 26, 2024: We published this post in July of 2022. It has recently come to our attention that at least one of the poems was plagiarized. Thank you to Tara Campbell for alerting us to this literary swindler. We are leaving this post up, minus the poetry, so Google searches will still lead here and people can learn the truth. Our apologies to John Compton, who is the original author of the plagiarized work. Check out his poems here. 

John Kucera (a pen name for John Siepkes) has made a name for himself by stealing others' poems and it is well documented. Below are just a few links for anyone who wants to hear more about his shameful acts of passing off stolen work as his own. We hope that you will join us in spreading the word that this "writer" should not be supported or published. 


Just to be clear, we at The Fictional Café have a zero tolerance to plagiarism in any form. There is no excuse for taking credit for someone else's work and anyone caught doing so will not only be barred from ever publishing work on The Fictional Café, but will also be outed to our members and the writing community as a whole. There is a sacred trust between editors/publishers and writers/artists that work submitted is their own. To break this trust undermines this relationship and the publishing industry as a whole. By standing up to plagiarism and coming together to denounce it, we can move forward as a community and preserve that trust we so dearly need. 

We, as editors, will continue to do our due diligence with new submissions by requiring a written biography including social media accounts, personal websites, and links to previously published works as a way to ensure the writer/artist is legit. I personally Google every person we post on our site to find their work in other reputable publications. If a person seems fishy, we do more digging and ask questions, although this is very rare. These are the ways we safeguard the writing community and try to preserve the trust of our readers. If you believe a work you read on The Fictional Café has been plagiarized, please contact the editors. 

Mike Rochester,
Managing Editor

Spare Parts
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