June 15, 2019

“Six Cold Feet” The Saturday Night Podcast

“Six Cold Feet” The Saturday Night Podcast

We’re quite delighted to present a superb new podcast series tonight, “Six Cold Feet,” from the pen of J. M. “Josh” Donnelan, an Australian poet, novelist, and podcaster. This podcast is exceedingly well produced, with multiple character portrayals, sound effects, and narration. Headphones are highly recommended. Quite as captivating as if you were watching it on Netflix with your eyes closed, haha.

‘Six Cold Feet” is the story of a guy named River as he searches for his sister Harmony, who has suddenly and inexplicably (and painfully) disappeared. Herewith the first three episodes. If you like what you hear, visit the Six Cold Feet website and learn how/where to download all ten episodes, and listen to the author’s site recommendations at the close of each.

Before, during or after you listen, take a moment to reflect on the love, time and creative effort the author, actors, and producers put into producing a work of this caliber.

Episode 1: Born Under a Bad Sign

Episode 2: If Trouble Was Money

Episode 3: The Things That I Used To Do
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