January 26, 2018

“Saratoga Noir” Podcast, Episode 2

“Saratoga Noir” Podcast, Episode 2

It’s Friday night again and we present another podcast, this week the second episode of “Saratoga Noir” from  our friends at ZBS Media. Be sure to follow along in the accompanying comic strip created by Genevieve Shapiro, whose splendid art has appeared here at the Café a few times in the past. We love her illustrations!

This is the second of 20 episodes. If you like what you hear – and see – let us know and we’ll post some more episodes. If you scream really loud, maybe we’ll post them all!

But if you just can’t wait for more, hop over ZBS where you can download the entire work, and many, many others, for chump change.

Please click on the arrow to listen to Episode 2 of “Saratoga Noir.”

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